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We are an specialized Agency in Marketing, Advertising and Online Sales

Talent was founded in 2007 with the commitment to innovate in the area of sales and specialize exclusively in online media, developing digital marketing solutions that allow us to generate business with attractive margins and scales.



We create digital solutions.
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After an analysis of your project, our specialized team defines the best implementation strategy for your business. Our well-built know-how and years of experience enable us to optimize and maximize the sales results of our customers. We are the right partner to manage your online business. Talent currently runs online stores in 7 countries, reaching a market of 300,000,000 people..


Lead Generation

This business model is based on performance, we are remunerated based on the results obtained. We have developed and implemented online campaigns to attract customers, using mechanisms with high conversion rates and generating increased sales of our customers. We generate real-time prospects that can be immediately converted into sales. All investment in advertising and development of media is our responsibility, the Client only pays for each prospect generated.


Marketing Online

We bring together the knowledge and creativity necessary for the development and management of online advertising campaigns (PPC, CPM and Affiliates). We do onpage and offpage optimization of websites and online stores, SEO. We master all the online channels that allow us to reach the largest audience and adapt the best strategy to your project, guaranteeing return on investment made, we are remunerated according to the performance obtained.



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Talent Online Sales
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Talent launches FormaFit, the hallmark of well-being.

Talent, based on the success already achieved in Portugal with the online store, decided to bet on the internationalization of the project with the creation of the brand FormaFit. The first step is the opening of a Spanish store,, which will soon follow an Italian and a French store. The new brand will identify both our online stores and a new product line specially developed for FormaFit by certified laboratories in Portugal and in other European Union countries.

Continues to partner with Inosat for B2B leads.

Talent will continue to be Inosat's partner in managing online campaigns for B2B lead generation. The agreement, based on a PPL model with remuneration indexed to the results obtained, will cover the generation of leads for business in Portugal, Spain, Chile and Brazil. Inosat will continue to benefit from our experience in managing online campaigns and one of the best business databases in Portugal.

New restyling for the FormaFit site.

We have just launched an updated version of our FormaFit sites. This new site, based on the Magento platform, improves some of the characteristics of the previous one. A larger menu and a home page with more content and products are the most evident aspects of the new graphic style. At the same time, a more informative and dynamic product page and a one-step reduced purchase process will help further improve the conversion rate. The need for a restyling emerged after the rapid success and internationalization of the brand, which has led us to new challenges and needs to communicate in a competitive international context.






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